Automate Your Solution Definition Process
Doculus helps Professional Services Teams with:
  • Master Services Agreements
  • Statement-of-Work
  • Change Requests
  • Work Orders
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Win more deals by making the solution definition
process more consistent and repeatable

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The speed with which you respond to your client requests, especially in the beginning, sets the tone for how they think about your firm - are you a nimble and responsive vendor? Closing new clients requires more than just a high-quality statement-of-work. You need to be the first to review the proposed solution with the client, way before your competition has even understood the full set of requirements.
Instead of spending time looking for templates, best practice documents and managing multiple version across multiple team members, solution teams can now focus on what matters – authoring accurate, compelling, well written, innovative and differentiated proposals, statement-of-work and change request documents.
Negotiating with clients requires a village to come together to agree to both commercial and legal terms. When there’s pressure to close a deal, there’s nothing more painful than having to quickly review a long, redlined version from the client. You need a tool to help ensure you don’t inadvertently accept terms that will bite you down the road.
As a solutions or sales executive, do you have real-time visibility into where things stand for the highest revenue deals? Are you getting enough visibility into the solution definition process to influence statement-of-work and change requests in order to increase win rate and deal size? Doing all of this without stressing out the team with last minute edits is critical to achieving long term success.
Many of the key artifacts like deal review sheets and resource plans that accompany most contracts are prepared using Microsoft Excel-based tools. They require a lot of manual data entry which is inherently time consuming. To add, compliance gaps are created when exceptions and approvals are handled manually through an email-based process. Doculus automates the solution definition process and makes your team compliant at all times.